Lakewood Lanes

A bowling alley called Lakewood Lanes is situated in the center of Waterbury, Connecticut. The alley has a lengthy history spanning several generations and has been a mainstay of the neighborhood for more than 60 years. Today, Lakewood Lanes is a well-liked destination for both competitive and recreational bowlers, offering a variety of leagues, tournaments, and special events all year long.

Art and Don Andrusaitis, two brothers, founded Lakewood Lanes in 1955. The Andrusaitis brothers saw an opportunity to build a contemporary and well-equipped bowling alley that would serve the expanding number of enthusiasts in Waterbury and the neighborhood at the time, when bowling was a well-liked pastime in America.

To keep up with the times, Lakewood Lanes has undergone numerous updates and renovations over the years. The alley now has 32 lanes, all of which have cutting-edge scoring systems and other contemporary conveniences. In addition, the bowling alley has a full-service snack bar and bar where patrons can eat and drink whatever they like.

The fact that Lakewood Lanes has a history of hosting renowned bowlers and competitions is one of its most distinctive features. The alley has hosted numerous significant bowling competitions over the years, including several Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) tournaments. For instance, the PBA’s “Lakewood Open,” which was won by bowling great Dick Weber, was held at the alley in 1963.

Many well-known bowlers have also stopped by Lakewood Lanes over the years, including Weber, who bowled several perfect games there, and Don Carter, who is regarded as one of the all-time greats. Today, Lakewood Lanes still draws competitive bowlers from all over the nation and is a well-liked venue for both amateur and professional tournaments.

In addition to having a history of hosting renowned bowlers and competitions, Lakewood Lanes is renowned for its dedication to the neighborhood. The alley has long been a supporter of neighborhood charities and nonprofit groups, and it frequently hosts tournaments and fundraising events in their honor.

The “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” tournament, which raises money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America charity, is one of Lakewood Lanes’ most well-liked events. Each year, teams of bowlers from all over the neighborhood participate in the fundraiser to support the organization’s vital work by raising money and awareness.

A favorite venue for birthday celebrations, business meetings, and other special events is Lakewood Lanes. To help make any celebration successful, The Alley provides a selection of party packages and event planning services. If you’re planning a corporate team-building activity or looking for a fun and original way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, Lakewood Lanes has everything you need.

In general, Lakewood Lanes is a bowling alley with a proud past and a dedication to the neighborhood. It is a well-liked hangout for competitive bowlers, recreational players, and anyone looking to have a good time and make memories with friends and family. The Lakewood Lanes bowling alley in the center of Waterbury, Connecticut, is a truly special and one-of-a-kind location thanks to its contemporary amenities, commitment to charity, and lengthy history of hosting renowned bowlers and tournaments.

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